Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a normal day like?

The Aiglon day is full of enriching experiences in order to develop a student’s ‘Mind, Body & Spirit.’ From morning meditation until unwinding in your boarding house before bed, Aiglon students enjoy a diverse day.
For a more detailed look at an Aiglon day, please have a look at our Prospectus, which offers an insightful section on ‘24 Hours at Aiglon College’

How many students share a room?

Aiglon’s boarding policy embraces one of our great strengths: diversity. We encourage our students to forge close bonds with people of a varied range of cultural backgrounds at every opportunity.
To best take advantage of our diverse population, Aiglonians share a room in their boarding house with 1 or 2 other students, and will change rooms at least once per year. This means that each student has the opportunity to learn what it means to live closely alongside their peers from differing backgrounds and nations of origin.
IB students will usually share a room with no more than 1 other student. We do offer a small number of single-student rooms, however these are reserved for House Captains, Prefects and Guardians.
For a more in-depth look at our boarding experience, we have created a section of our website that will introduce you to each of our Boarding Houses.

What is the boy to girl ratio?

A central tenet that drives everything we do at Aiglon is balance. This extends to our student population. By maintaining a balanced population we can ensure that our community continues to have the most beneficial effect on all Aiglonians. Currently, our student body is comprised of 52% boys to 48% girls.

Where do Aiglon teachers come from?

We are committed to providing diverse educational perspectives, while offering students the best quality curriculum taught in the English language. As such, we have attracted the majority of our educators from the UK, joining us from a broad range of teaching backgrounds.
Our Modern Languages department is populated with committed educators for whom the language they teach is their native tongue. This gives students the benefit of learning from teachers who deeply understand their subject and can pass on the nuances of their mother language that students may not otherwise have access to.

Do students wear a uniform?

Our responsibility to the holistic nurturing of our students includes ensuring they present their best selves. Our uniform is designed with this in mind, alongside reflecting the pride we take in our school identity - it shows each of us as part of a great tradition of excellence and exploration.
The majority of our students - from years 5 to 11 - are required to wear a no. 2 uniform as their daily attire. Our no. 1 uniform is reserved for the range of formal events and school occasions we offer throughout the year.
In line with the greater emphasis on independent inquiry and personal responsibility in years 12 and 13, students may wear business appropriate clothing to classes. This freedom of dress is coupled with the duty to present a positive impression, preparing them for life in university and workplace.
Full details of our uniform and dress requirements can be found in our handbook.

When is the best age to start at Aiglon?

This is an important consideration for all families, but truly there is no catch-all response to this question - each student is an individual with their own needs and abilities. As such, there are aspects of our admissions process which are in place to assess whether a student, and indeed their family, are suitably capable to engage with the challenges, opportunities, and lifestyle that we have to offer.
We invite students may join us at any time up to year 12. Though, in order to take advantage of the full Aiglon approach to education, students will ideally remain with us throughout the majority of their school career. We have carefully structured our curriculum to provide an excellent transition through junior to senior school. This gives students the best chance of success in the IGCSE and IB programmes.
We understand that the decision to embark upon our admissions journey is personal to each family, and our Admissions office is always on hand to provide you with guidance in any way that we can.

When should I apply?

Aiglon offers unique experiences in a distinctive environment - an educational approach that attracts those who will benefit from an adventurous lifestyle and robust curriculum. As such, we do not believe in waiting lists or “birth” applications. Every student who feels ready to join our family has an equal opportunity to enter upon the admissions process.
We begin accepting applications up to one year in advance (from September of the preceding year). Upon completion of the full applications procedure - which includes filing of admissions documents, assessments, admissions visit, and interviews - we will notify your family of our decision within 2 weeks.
Boarding spaces are limited, however we encourage you to contact us as soon as convenient, as we can consider applications at any time dependent upon availability of beds.

Do I need to visit the campus?

We always consider it a privilege to welcome visitors to experience our campus, but this is certainly not a prerequisite to apply.
However, a visit is a vital part of the admissions journey. It provides potential students and their parents the opportunity to experience life on our mountain first-hand. Visits also give ourselves and your family the chance to get to know one another much better, to discuss the various challenges and advantages, and above all else to understand better how we can help nurture your child to their full potential.
It is also always worth bearing in mind that Aiglon is located in a distinctive Alpine environment, and truly the best gauge of whether ours is the most appropriate destination for your child is to arrange a visit.

When is the best time to visit?

Life at Aiglon is best experienced at times when classes are in session, and life on our mountain is in full swing. Therefore we recommend visits take place during term time - your family will get a true sense of how the school day passes, and spend valuable time with our students and key faculty.
Feel free to check our Term Dates, and contact our admissions office on +41 24496677 or via our enquiry form. Office hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 and we’ll be happy to arrange a visit for you during these times. 

How can I prepare for the entrance assessments?

At Aiglon we offer an educational experience that is focused on the whole student. As a result, our assessments are not simply a case of pass/fail academic selection. The assessments act as just one aspect of the full application, they are intended to provide an insight into the student’s current abilities and areas in which they may need additional attention when they join us. Therefore, it’s not necessary for applicants to undertake additional preparations or study sessions prior to taking our assessments.

Where do Aiglon students go after graduating?

The robust and distinctive educational experience that we offer at Aiglon naturally progresses to strong College and University applications. We have developed close relationships with higher education institutions across the globe, and our students continue to enjoy the fruits of their success.
You can find our varied list of acceptances in our School Profile. Typically speaking, 45% of students continue their studies on campuses in North America, 30% in the UK, with the remaining students exploring educational opportunities across Switzerland, Europe, and Worldwide.
We are always keen to provide close guidance to our students as they navigate their journey beyond our mountain. Please see our College & Careers Page for more information about how we can work alongside your family for the best chance of success. 

What is the average IB score?

Aiglon attracts a diverse student body, joining us from across the globe with a varied range of abilities - some students may not have studied previously in the English language. While our selection process does not rely primarily on academic ability, our committed and passionate staff provide truly excellent guidance to all students throughout their time at Aiglon.
As a result, our students consistently achieve well above the global average, and our 2018 graduating class achieved an average IB score of 35.7 (this is nearly 6 points above the global average). Still, it is important to note that while we take great pride in our academic success, we don’t believe this is the ultimate measure of a school’s performance. Each student proves themselves capable of incredible holistic achievements, and we are never more proud than when our students consistently show themselves to be responsible, considerate, kind, curious global citizens.

What is the average class size?

One of the great advantages of life at Aiglon is the incredible level of focus our experienced faculty are able to give to each student. We are fortunate to be able to operate with teacher to student ratio of 5:1. As such, our class sizes are a maximum of 16 students, with an average size of just 12. By keeping class sizes to this minimum and our teacher numbers high, we can ensure that our students receive the highest quality, personalised education.

Should you have further questions, we would be happy to arrange a time to call. Please submit an enquiry or contact the Admissions Office on: +41 24 496 6177