Our Admissions Process

Becoming an Aiglonian is a life-changing process - one we do everything possible to ensure is both positive and fulfilling. We are looking forward to guiding you throughout each step of your journey.

Affording us the privilege of your application to join our school and our family is a responsibility that we approach with the utmost care and attention. We strive to make the applications process as personalised and positive as we hope your eventual time with Aiglon will be. With this in mind, we have crafted a dedicated applications platform - designed to make your provision of documents simple and the application itself efficient. This platform also allows you to track progress of your personal journey in real time.

Admissions are accepted up to one year in advance, on a rolling basis - allowing families to apply at their convenience without the added pressure of traditional admissions deadlines. Not every family’s needs arise at the same point on a single timeline, and Aiglon’s admissions procedures are designed to reflect this.

We also believe it's important for you to understand the full extent of the application process. Therefore, we've produced a guide to what you can expect at each step.


Once you have all of the information you need, it's time to ensure that you fully complete our application package. Simply create a profile on our online platform, and submit the required details:

  • School reports for the last two years
  • CHF 2,500 registration fee
  • Character recommendation provided by a teacher
  • Colour scan of the child's passport.

Upon receipt of the completed application pack, our team will work closely with you to prepare for the next step in your Aiglon journey, the interview and testing.


Our assessments are designed to be part of an ongoing conversation - ensuring that the student is well suited for the challenges Aiglon has to offer, and that Aiglon is the best environment to nurture their talents in return.

Assessment Interview

The interview-based assessment is a discussion between the family and our Head. Aside from the practical application aspect, this is also an excellent opportunity for both student and family to begin to make a deeper connection with our school. This is frequently an interesting and stimulating discussion; we are always curious to learn about where a potential student's enthusiasms lay, how their talents may fit into any plans they have, and – ultimately – how we can help to nurture their existing gifts and introduce them to new challenges.

Abilities Assessment

We are not only looking solely for students who achieve high scores. Rather, these tests help us to understand where a student’s strengths lie and also identify areas where they may need additional guidance – perhaps even areas we can suggest they would benefit from preparation prior to joining Aiglon. These tests are an honest reflection of suitability, academic ability, and areas for potential growth. These assessments are undertaken in the following areas:

  • English Proficiency: Required for all students whose first language is not English. (45 minutes - 1 hour)
  • General Ability: Required for all applicants. Includes Maths, English and IQ questions. (45 minutes)
  • Maths: Required for all students applying to the IB Diploma Programme. (1 hour)

Decision and Enrolment

It is our hope that by this point in the applications process, above all else, that your family has begun to form a positive and lasting relationship with Aiglon, our faculty, and perhaps some of the students.

The final decision-making process is centred around the discussions that have been developing between our family and your own, and understanding how suitable we are for one another. Our Director of Admissions will complete the review process, with an aim for you to receive a final decision within two weeks of completion. 

Once a positive admissions decision has been ascertained, you will then receive all the relevant enrolment information by email in order to continue your journey with Aiglon.

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